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Virtue Through The Mother's Food Secrets

There is a belief of Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture UGM, Prof. Murdijati Gardjito, which is very inspiring and makes me want to perpetuate her belief  here, so I can read it all the time, so I do not lose valuable resources, and I re-awakened when forgotten someday . While hoping that I am not only interested, but also try to apply them. By Virtue front of my children later. Successor nations.

"What happens if we lose the mother's food ? Food Tradition and we know from childhood we would? We will Losing part of our humanity " That's the belief of Prof. Murdijati. Confidence that made me curious. Why is that? what is the relationship between food with the human side of our mother?

So I continued my reading..

"Food-related behavior and lifestyle . Our behavior also changed according to the dominant environment.
Cycle of works among people who eat rice, maize, cassava was different.
How to cook it as different too,  thus forming a culture of unique, cooking furnace cross-cultural Pejk, furnace, gas and electricity "

Well, it makes sense ... then ? I continue to read ...

"some types the mother's food has a special philosophical meaning.Tumpeng, such as peak human relationship with God, vegetables illustrate the problems around the world, symbol of longevity long beans, kale describe turn up and down of life"

Hohoho, honestly, I just only knew the meaning...

"in some families, there is a good way to eat something called as " urut awu ",  sequence of heading of the father, mother, son, even the smallest child. Good way to eat it teaches tolerance . Learn to be patient, without thinking of the interests of others and not play cheat "
Generally current generation , not knowing the cultural aspects of food from his mother.
" Rarely feel the Union of the mother and the father in the kitchen,because their parents are busy, so ther is nothing  to teach virtue and unity at the dinner table, it becomes a mirror, as things that happen in society
" Will not be surprised if less tolerant. cheat everywhere"  added mrs Murdijati.

Well, the impact is more serious-.-

Large investors read this change of lifestyle, and with a vigorous advertising, offering Instant noodles products, food of the mother was most memorable. And then? 60% of the traditional food disappeared one by one. And not only of food, raw materials, also lost the support, because there is nothing to eat and develop, for example, 14 of the 24 species of bulbs in the DI Yogyakarta extinct. Not just Instant noodles , the mother's food also was affected by the fast food. With "fashion", which is more striking, modern, and high class. It is very tempting. In fact, fast food nutrition is not balanced.
So, what is actually happening? "When we started to forget the mother's food, in reality we are leaving from own cultural roots. We are strangers to ourselves, because what we have today (including food) is the result of imitating other cultural".

AAH... so sad... yaa

Then, what we can do?
According to Ms. Murdijati there are few things we can do. It depends on our willingness .

First, the  grandmother should teach her grandchildren to cooking, because their parents are too busy ti teach them.

Secondly, decrease eating habits of instant noodles and fast food  , mrs Murdijati recommends cooking and eating homemade food, because it will build the happiness and virtue are more and more lost.

Thirdly, carrying out calling the "slow food" movement, at least in their own family environment. The "Slow Food movement", which has been three times to make a Conference in Milan, Italia. the calling  among others, must know the origins of the intake of food in the body, It must be cooked in order to clearly and do not contain harmful substances, appreciate people who cook for us, has its own garden, so everything under control.

Fourth, multiply the variety of food sources of carbohydrates, reducing the consumption of rice. the people of Indonesia even had eat boiled sweet potatoes,or fried cassava in the morning, they still looking for rice, because they say,they feel have not have breakfast. why? because the "rice" has not entered the stomach. hehe .. When in fact we have excess rice consumption. We consume 139.35 kg of rice per capita per year. Even the World Health Organization recommends that only 60 kg!

Hmm, a very heavy resource. however, I am aware, The fact that mother's Food is the way we build the future of the next generations.

 Source: KOMPAS, March 13, 2011

PLEASE.. “Believe” in Your Self

Tegal laka laka, March 6, 2011

In Bahasa Indonesia, Membangun rasa " Believe " pada diri sendiri, mudah dikatakan tapi agak sulit dilaksanakan.
Easy to say. But a little hard to do. I did not say it hard, but just a "little: hard. Why ? Because if we say "hard", so we will not have a courage to take an action.

There is a story, about a beautiful woman, with very good shape body, but.. She never say what she thinking about. She just silent. When people ask her why , she says, “People tell me that I look so tall , so I am feel inferior to speak up what I think” I am confuse what is the relationship between tall and speak up your mind ? That is a Fact.

In addition, I have a friend that is so afraid to have presentation. Even though she had work hard to prepare her task, still she is nervous and not confident to present her own work.

When I had an exam for my thesis, I felt so nervous too, my heartbeat moved so fast, my hand and my feet felt freeze, I can’t thinking anything else. However, my best friend told me, “ Lectorers never read the whole thesis. They just read it for a while. Therefore, … you are the one who know best about your own thesis. If that so, why are you afraid?? Just answer their questions with confident. “Believe” in your self. “ And you know what? I think She is Right. Absolutely right. It is like a magic word. I just answer what they want to know with confident. Moreover, I pass it with A plus.

Now we know that, confident is depend on your mind. I have a little secret that you may want to take it with you too, to build up your confident, and simply “believe” in your self.
First step, except our self just the way who we are. “Believe” that every human being is creating with his or her own capabilities and inability.
Try not trap with always try hidden our inability, but focus to our capability.Don’t be jealous for other’s capability, coz’ Allah make each one of us is different, “Unik” I rather say ^_^Just let our inability, except that is we just human being. No body is perfect.

Step two, “Believe” that we can do it !!Make our self “Believe” that we can do any task , and any thing we want and dream.There is no difficulty if we try. Just Do it with your BEST, after that? Release it.. Let Allah SWT decide the best result for us.

Step Three, Do a little wild and courage.Do not let fear and worry, GHOSt you..Do not imagine about our fear and worry..Nevertheless, imagine our Destination , what we need, want and dream.We can learn how to be brave to face our fear and worry, usually, if we brave or reckless to do what we afraid of, the fear just disappear ..”Click” just like that..just like a remote control

Step Four, believe me ..Even though we fail, we will not die..There is always a change to make it up in other time. Fail, give us priceless lessons that teach us how to reach Success .Don’t be a shame or sorry if our action not succeed..Coz, eventually, Confident, “believe” in your self..Cannot buy in everywhere in any part of this world. It is in our heart and Thought.

So now , would you come join me ?? In the world of “Believe” Just simply change our mind, try new things, release our fear that is not necessary, and if that is not enough, just reckless, be wild.Allah SWT would not give a difficulty without a way out.( Main idea : Man Jadda Wajada _ Akbar Zainudin )

At last, for closing this , I Remember I had read a very deep words from source : / I am sorry I copas this in bahasa Indonesia )
Dalam Surat Asy-Syarh (Surat Alam Nasyroh), Allah Ta’ala berfirman :“Karena sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.” (QS: Asy-Syarh: 5).
Ayat inipun di ulang setelah itu :“Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.”(QS: Asy Syarh: 6).

Oleh karena itu, masihkah ada keraguan dengan janji Allah dan Rasul-Nya ?
Rahasia mengapa di balik kesulitan ada kemudahan yang begitu dekat :Ibnu Rajab telah mengisyaratkan hal ini. Beliau berkata: “Jika kesempitan itu semakin terasa sulit dan semakin dekat, maka seorang hamba akan menjadi putus asa, dan demikianlah keadaan makhluk yang tidak bisa keluar dari kesulitan. Akhirnya, ia pun menggantungkan hatinya pada Allah semata.”


"You have to change first, then the world around you will change" 
(Andrew Ho)

A seminar participant Development (PDS) upbringing by Andrew Ho, named David Teoh said: " I once was an inferior, not confident, hardworking and enjoy with my life But after I attended the seminar, I realized that everyone is a winner Including me. . So I determined to be a great champion, Every day I do automated suggestions at bedtime and when i  wake up in the morning. And the result? is very very very extraordinary.

My confidence every day, getting high, I no longer waste time in vain. I plan to all the goals and implement them. Many goals are achieved, revenues grew "

I want to underline words that everyone is born champion.
How can that be ? Yes because the scientist say, as we are still in the form of sperm, we must fight and compete with 200 million other candidates. At that time we have to go through the process of struggle very hard and heavy. This means that we are really good yeah? we are really a fighter, who wants to be champion. in an effort to provide better performance.  Finally, we shall succeed. We can be born again 200 million of our competitors. hufh ... unbelievable.

Well, I am SO excited about the automatic suggestion .. I really want to know how the right way to do this auto suggestion. finally I was looking on google..

Auto-suggestion is a secret tool to create conditions suitable situation to access the power of our subconscious. Sometimes I prefer to call it with great natural strength, because it gives more confidence in its virulence.
At the time of the autosuggestion, our conscious mind must be very sure about the truth, the benefits, the success of our auto-suggestion . In case of doubt the autosuggestion, automatically all the effort that will fail miserably.

Here are some ways to instill of auto-suggestion into our subconscious :
  • Lying in bed relaxing. Clear your conscious mind, focus your thoughts and feelings of our nature
  • Speak softly and repeatedly positive desire that our main sugestikan to nature, with full confidence.
  • Initially the suggestion voiced speech. if you've actually memorize and focus with suggestive words, do it in a heart to sleep. 
  • Please indicate automatic suggestions with a positive sentence. Say what we want, not what we do not want. 
  • Auto-suggestion is have a strong influence when a brief and clear objectives Reveals 
  • Express goals we desire not on how to achieve this goal
  • Perform automatic suggestions with strong conviction and feeling passionate emotions and thoughts
  • Do auto sugestion in the morning and before bed , every day
Example sentences auto-suggestion, from expert advice Jami Azzaini
Spiritual auto                     : From this day I always pray Dhuha and tahajud
Business auto-suggestion : this year I can buy 2 more companies
family-advice                     : I grew to love and be present in important moment
self development auto-suggestion : I practice what I learned and I say

Highway to Success

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011


Once I read in the newspapers about the outpouring of the heart of two women, aged almost 30 years, di rubrik psychology. Both are subjected to medical education specialist. Each has a lover, the boyfriend of one of seven years younger, and one was 8 years old. 
Both parents want their marriage is not more than 30 years. So the two women tell their parents hope to their respective boyfriends. boyfriend of a woman, who was younger, claimed to be ready to marry and support their family life later. While the woman's boyfriend B, the older one, actually there is no signs of wanting to marry by reason of wanting to work first.
Both women have in common, although they want to meet the expectations of their parents to marry,  but in heart their feel aren't really equally marry, unfortunately they are also unable to draw through their heart and feeling to their parents. both froze to obey and please their parents.
And the Council of the psychologist told the woman trying to learn to be assertive, which is an attitude that ultimately, the goal is to "win - win solution"  with  condition  "I'm fine, you are fine too".  To behave in this, we will have the ability to speak to express a desire or feeling without making others were mangled. Convey the true feelings of her own. The impact is for the sake of yourself. get what you want with all due respect the feelings of others. Avoid being on the defensive (insisting on his own opinion), or even to blame someone else. 
Reading this, I was speechless in my heart, to admit that I am more often on the defensive in life,
or even be submissive (avoiding the conflict) and the impact is not good for my life. Be strong, it is not easy, that's what I feel, you need to do exercise. And the exercise takes time and patience. But trust me, it is worth it, feel free and different,say something To feel our truth and opinion than just Following Other want