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In Bahasa Indonesia, Membangun rasa " Believe " pada diri sendiri, mudah dikatakan tapi agak sulit dilaksanakan.
Easy to say. But a little hard to do. I did not say it hard, but just a "little: hard. Why ? Because if we say "hard", so we will not have a courage to take an action.

There is a story, about a beautiful woman, with very good shape body, but.. She never say what she thinking about. She just silent. When people ask her why , she says, “People tell me that I look so tall , so I am feel inferior to speak up what I think” I am confuse what is the relationship between tall and speak up your mind ? That is a Fact.

In addition, I have a friend that is so afraid to have presentation. Even though she had work hard to prepare her task, still she is nervous and not confident to present her own work.

When I had an exam for my thesis, I felt so nervous too, my heartbeat moved so fast, my hand and my feet felt freeze, I can’t thinking anything else. However, my best friend told me, “ Lectorers never read the whole thesis. They just read it for a while. Therefore, … you are the one who know best about your own thesis. If that so, why are you afraid?? Just answer their questions with confident. “Believe” in your self. “ And you know what? I think She is Right. Absolutely right. It is like a magic word. I just answer what they want to know with confident. Moreover, I pass it with A plus.

Now we know that, confident is depend on your mind. I have a little secret that you may want to take it with you too, to build up your confident, and simply “believe” in your self.

First step, except our self just the way who we are. “Believe” that every human being is creating with his or her own capabilities and inability.
Try not trap with always try hidden our inability, but focus to our capability.Don’t be jealous for other’s capability, coz’ Allah make each one of us is different, “Unik” I rather say ^_^Just let our inability, except that is we just human being. No body is perfect.

Step two, “Believe” that we can do it !!Make our self “Believe” that we can do any task , and any thing we want and dream.There is no difficulty if we try. Just Do it with your BEST, after that? Release it.. Let Allah SWT decide the best result for us.

Step Three, Do a little wild and courage.Do not let fear and worry, GHOSt you..Do not imagine about our fear and worry..Nevertheless, imagine our Destination , what we need, want and dream.We can learn how to be brave to face our fear and worry, usually, if we brave or reckless to do what we afraid of, the fear just disappear ..”Click” just like that..just like a remote control

Step Four, believe me ..Even though we fail, we will not die..There is always a change to make it up in other time. Fail, give us priceless lessons that teach us how to reach Success .Don’t be a shame or sorry if our action not succeed..Coz, eventually, Confident, “believe” in your self..Cannot buy in everywhere in any part of this world. It is in our heart and Thought.

So now , would you come join me ?? In the world of “Believe” Just simply change our mind, try new things, release our fear that is not necessary, and if that is not enough, just reckless, be wild.Allah SWT would not give a difficulty without a way out.( Main idea : Man Jadda Wajada _ Akbar Zainudin )

At last, for closing this , I Remember I had read a very deep words from source : /rumaysho.com( I am sorry I copas this in bahasa Indonesia )
Dalam Surat Asy-Syarh (Surat Alam Nasyroh), Allah Ta’ala berfirman :“Karena sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.” (QS: Asy-Syarh: 5).
Ayat inipun di ulang setelah itu :“Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.”(QS: Asy Syarh: 6).

Oleh karena itu, masihkah ada keraguan dengan janji Allah dan Rasul-Nya ?
Rahasia mengapa di balik kesulitan ada kemudahan yang begitu dekat :Ibnu Rajab telah mengisyaratkan hal ini. Beliau berkata: “Jika kesempitan itu semakin terasa sulit dan semakin dekat, maka seorang hamba akan menjadi putus asa, dan demikianlah keadaan makhluk yang tidak bisa keluar dari kesulitan. Akhirnya, ia pun menggantungkan hatinya pada Allah semata.”

Inilah hakekat tawakal pada-Nya. Tawakal inilah yang mejadi sebab terbesar keluar dari kesempitan yang ada. Karena Allah sendiri telah berjanji akan mencukupi orang yang bertawakal pada-Nya. Inilah rahasia yang sebagian kita mungkin belum mengetahuinya. Jadi intinya, tawakallah yang menjadi sebab terbesar seseorang keluar dari kesulitan dan kesempitan.

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